Always You. Always Becoming.

To discover your true beauty, start by knowing yourself.
Embrace your moments of anger, tears, and smiles.
And know that you are like no other.
You are who you are.

RMK is always by your side on this journey of discovery,
not to pursue the course of others,
but to reveal that special, evolving beauty that belongs to you alone.

RMK fuses bold aesthetics with timeless refinement,
and meticulous detail with boundless freedom of expression,
bringing professional make-up artistry
to your every day.


RMK Creative Director YUKI

RMK Creative DirectorYUKI

Makeup artist based in New York City and active throughout the world.



March 1997Opens first RMK counter in SEIBU Department Store IKEBUKURO, Tokyo with launch of the phenomenal pair RMK Make Up Base and RMK Liquid Foundation.

March 1999Opens first oversea counter in Taiwan, following by Hong Kong in November.

March 2000Launches “delicious skin care” range that draws on the natural power of edible sources.

July 2000Launches RMK Official Website

September 2001Opens first RMK Flagship Store at AOYAMA, Tokyo.

July 2003Opens first counter in United Kingdom.

September 2003Opens first counter in South Korea.

June 2005Opens first counter in Thailand.

September 2005Launches the first version of RMK Creamy Foundation.

March 2007Launches RMK 10th Anniversary edition <Michael Thompson Fifty Cuts>

August 2008Opens first counter at Singapore.

March 2009Renewal of Flagship Store and site in Ao at AOYAMA, Tokyo.

March 2012Launches RMK 15th Anniversary edition.

September 2012Launches RMK Gel Creamy Foundation.

July 2013New Creative Director on board.

January 2014Launches first collection under the new Creative Director KAORI.

March 2015Launches RMK Casual Solid Foundation.

October 2015Launches first RMK Body Care range with 4 items.

March 2017Renewal of signature RMK Base Makeup products with new package design.

May 2021YUKI appointed as the new Creative Director of RMK.