RMK Creamy Foundation EX

9 shades

Tax-included  6,050 Yen

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Product Features

Our new Creamy Foundation, formulated from a blend of five oils, offers coverage that is luminous, glowing and transparent. The Shiny Color Powder controls how light is reflected, giving facial features clean modelling and natural dimensions.

- After applying primer, take a pearl-sized amount with the spatula, then apply from the center of the face outwards with the middle and ring finger, spreading as if lifting the skin.

Product Details
Cautions when sending the product by air
  • This product is not classified as an air hazardous materials as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.
  • ・No high-pressure gas
  • ・Alcohol content is less than 24%.
  • ・Flash point above 60 ℃ (no continuous flammability below 60 ℃ )
  • ・Not classified as flammable solid