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RMK 3D Finish Nude

Customize your own set of 3D Finish Nude with refills available

Full size products: 2 types (F 7 shades; P shades) <F only: SPF 20 PA++>

Set price ¥5,500 (without tax)

RMK UV Liquid Foundation

7 shades, 30mL SPF50+ PA+++

RMK Long Lasting UV

30mL SPF45 PA++++

RMK Creamy Polished Base N

3 shades 30g SPF14 PA++

RMK Smoothing Stick

5.8g SPF 14 PA+

RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact

2 shades, 4.7g (Concealer: SPF28 PA++)

RMK Liquid Foundation

9 shades 30mL SPF14 PA++ (except Coffee Brown)

RMK Creamy Foundation N

7 shades, 30g SPF28 PA++

RMK Translucent Face Powder

Comes with puff
4 shades 8.5g [N00, P00] 8.5g SPF13 PA++ [01, 02] 8g SPF14 PA++

RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer N

3 shades, 1.7g SPF30 PA++

RMK Airy Powder Foundation (Refill)

9 shades, 10.5g SPF25 PA++

RMK UV Powder Foundation (Refill)

Comes with sponge
9 shades 11g SPF30 PA+++
*The case is sold separately.

RMK Pressed Powder N

Comes with powder brush
5 shades 8.5g (SPF14 PA++)

RMK Pressed Powder N (P)

Comes with powder brush
2 shades 8.5g (SPF14 PA++)