"Silver Mirror Closet" 2016 ©Midori Sato, Courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery

RMK Color Closet Seductive love limited edition


Before the final curtain, the last number to celebrate RMK's 20th Anniversary - a collection redolent of love and seduction. Woman as seductress, charged with irresistible allure, is our inspiration. Our collection, curated by painter Midori Sato, offers you a 'Color Closet' experience. An exquisite makeup kit simply bursting with charisma. A base makeup kit that's a must for clearer skin with a wonderful translucency. You'll love the sensual aroma of our hand-cream kit. Fresher and bolder beyond imagining - a 'Color Closet' of your very own!
Midori Sato
A wardrobe stocked with colorful clothes, shoe racks crowded with high-heeled shoes, and the vivid colors of flowers - her paintings are like jewelry boxes, filled with a girl's desires and dreams. Currently based in Nagoya City, she is spending the year from fall 2017 studying and researching in Paris.

RMK Silver Mirror Closet Kit
(Limited Edition)

The eyes subtly glamorous, cheeks softly colored, lips full and sensual, and skin dewy glistening and naked, free from any trappings. To celebrate RMK's 20th Anniversary, we've put together the complete seductive makeup, with an original palette design featuring 'Silver Mirror Closet', a composition of Midori Sato. This makeup kit, full of RMK's playfulness, sums up our 'Color Closet' ethos.

RMK Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit
(Limited Edition)

KAORI specially chose these colors to reflect the enchanting world of Midori Sato. The eyeshadows evoke a garden in full bloom. The blusher is all sweetness and innocence. Your eyes will look stunning with this matte mascara. The lip gloss promises a pure wet-looking sheen. In a handy pouch, with its own inset mirror, it is ideal for touch-ups on the move, with a 'Seductive Pink' design featuring artwork exclusive to RMK. This special palette is guaranteed to make the most of those grown-up womanly charms.

RMK Color Closet Winter
Limited Edition
Base Makeup Kit A/B
(Limited Edition)

A base makeup kit for clear glowing skin with a light touch. It contains our three popular base makeup items with a highlighter for precision work to give the skin a dewy glow. In a limited edition available this winter only, it guarantees a truly seductive radiance. It even comes in an original pouch, boldly illustrated by Midori Sato. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the exceptional clarity for which RMK is renowned.

*For the shade of foundation: Kit A -102, Kit B -103. (For the choice of RMK Airy Powder Foundation, the shade is 103L.)
*SPF value is measured by the internationally recognized method of testing. These numbers help you to choose the right product. Most effective when used in conjunction with other cosmetic products with SPF protection.

RMK Nail & Hand Cream Kit 2017
(Limited Edition)

For Christmas only, three fabulously scented additions to our Nail & Hand cream range, well-known for its strength in combatting dry skin and for conditioning beautifully to the very tips of the nails. Only obtainable in this luxury kit, three amazing scented creams. Choose from Neroli, Sparkling Cocktail and Cassis the one to match your mood. Just looking at Midori Sato's design will rouse the party time spirit in you. Perfect as a gift, or just for yourself, to enjoy their adorable scents every day. They're so RMK!