Important Customer Notice

Voluntary suspension of RMK Brightening Skincare Series
4th July 2013: e'quipe Ltd., (e'quipe) has announced a voluntary suspension of three RMK Brightening skincare products containing the ingredient Rhododenol. This is a precautionary measure from e'quipe, following recent reports of consumers in Japan suffered white blotches as a result of using brightening skincare products from other brands of group company Kanebo Cosmetics containing Rhododenol.

Relevant products are:
1) RMK Skintuner Brightening Moist
2) RMK Skintuner Brightening Light
3) RMK Intensive Brightening Essence

Having passed extensive safety tests, Rhododenol 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol, an active ingredient, was approved in 2008 by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

No similar case of reported symptom after using the above mentioned RMK products has been found in other trading countries than Japan domestic market and the connection between Rhododendol and the symptom is under investigation.

No other RMK products are affected.

RMK apologises for any inconvenience. Further action in each trading country will be announced following consultation with local regulatory authorities.

For additional information and enquiry, please contact your nearest RMK distributor or email:
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